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CowWarrior's Toolbox

Here are a few tools I personally use and I think might be helpful for you!

Graphics & Photos

Need to create and edit drawings (freeware): Paint.NET
Need to re-touch your pictures (freeware): Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2
Another good photo editor (freeware): Google Picasa

Office Productivity

Type documents, make prensentations - the whole shabang (freeware):Open Office
Need to burn CD's or DVD'S (freeware):InfraRecorder


Protect yourself from bad bad pirates! Arrr Mate!!! (freeware):ZoneAlarm
Browsing shady sites; need virus protection? (freeware):AVG Anti-Virus
Need to assess your vulnerability on the internet? (online):Gibson Research Corporation - ShieldsUp

Audio Utilities

Manipulate any kind of audio files (freeware):WavePad

Geek Stuff

Organize & cleanup your desktop (freeware):Windows Fences
Carry all your apps with you on a thumbstick :Portable Apps
The wierdest stuff... :Think Geek .com
Run an OS inside your OS (free from Microsoft !!??!!):Microsoft Virtual PC
Want to try out CRM? (virtual machine):Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
Want to try out SharePoint (freeware):Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007