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The Great Kubuntu Adventure


After talking with one of my colleagues did a bit more reading and installed GNOME in parallel with KDE. Man I love GNOME! So much more intuitive to me. OK taskbar's on top but it doent affect me too much ;) I think I'll still use Amarok and Kontact but GNOME'S a keeper!


I know I would encounter some challenges. But now I see that what is a quesiton of seconds to do inside windows took me two hours to understand and do under Linux. All my music os on a NAS drive. Even if I was able to use Dolphin and brose the NAS; I had to install the samba protocol (or helper program not sure of the right wording here) and mount it under my home.

My first deception was to think dual monitors would work right out of the box... No way! Well I can do it using NVidia's Video driver but, I have to set Twinview every single time I log in. Oh and editing the xorg.conf file failed miserably.

Man I hate VI.... Good thing I had a concept of the root user and vi to make changes to automatically mount my NAS at boot time. Man Linux world just loves typing too much!


So i've finally decided myself to give a real try with Linux. I chose Kubuntu because it was recommended to me about a year ago to ease my transiiton from the wondows wnvironment.

My chalenge is to work ony in a Linux environment for at least a whole week. If I need something to do something and I dont know how; I'll have to find out. No switching at all to windows...

Downloading and installing Kubuntu was quite easy. It did not work in a virtual machine as I first tried but I just resized my XP partition and installed on the unformatted chunk.