House Rules

  1. Your character must be the same gender as you are.
  2. Psyonists are subject to approval NO POWERTRIPS
  3. Characters start at level 5. (add 3 years to your physical age)
  4. Stats are subjected to DM approval (18 everywhere looks suspicious.....)
  5. Two new stats are added COM (comliness) and PER (perception)
  6. Roll 4d6 (choose best 3 dices) 8 times and reroll 1's. Place the stats where you want
  7. You get Full HP at 1st level all other levels are half dice minimum (ex: at least 4hp per level for a cleric)
  8. Use following character sheets.
  9. I accept all handbook. ex: Arms & equipments; tome of magic; complete fighter's handbook, book of humano´ds (races subjected to approval)
  10. You will have between 1 and 5 magical items. Magical items will be rolled semi-randomly with the DM. Ex: a mage will not get a two handed sword +1!
  11. Roll starting money (half dice) multiplied by 5 (level) (ex for a fighter 5d4 X 10 X 5)
  12. For a mage, maximum spells known per level will be limited by intelligence and by the DM. Probable spells known will be 1st:10 2nd:5 3rd:3 at start of the game. Mages can re-learn their spells as often as they want in a day. Provided they study 10minutes / spell /level.
  13. For a cleric, there is no maximum known spells per level since spells are favors granted by their diety(s). Priests must pray every day 10minutes/spell/level. Priests may choose on the fly which spells they cast.. Priests may not "re-learn" spells in a day.
  14. Only exceptionnal spell components must be acquired to cast the spell.
  15. No masters for psyonics
  16. DM will acept unofficial bribes in food or other kind of non-living sacrifices... ;p Yes, plants are alive.... Yes mushrooms too... No, the DM will not accept an old half-eaten lunch lying in the back of your car for months. At that point it's considered alive....

Perception Bonuses Comliness Bonuses Int Bonus Spells
Refer to reaction adjustment of Dexterity
Refer to reaction adjustment of Charisma
Int Spell Bonus
1 - 12 -
13 1st
14 -
15 2nd
16 -
17 3rd
18 4th
19 1st
20 5th
21 2nd
22 6th
23 3rd
24 7th
25 4th

Note: Mages receives Bonus spells like clerics
but based on Intelligence. Use these bonuses
like Wisdom bonuses are used for clerics.